Monday, December 14, 2015

a winter without snow is like a book without a reader

I'm ready for Christmas. I decorated the house both inside and out, covered the tree with lights and ornaments, and mailed the cards. The gifts are wrapped and ready to go under the tree. Everything is ready for the big day!

I'm also ready for Old Man Winter. I dusted off the snow shovels, stocked up on Quik-melt, and filled the freezer with hearty homemade soups to keep the chill away.

The problem is that there is no chill! A record breaking heat wave has blanketed the eastern half of the country when it should be blanketed with snow. I love snow! I live in anticipation of a white Christmas! This is just not fair.

What's the matter with this picture? 
(Hint: it's the middle of December...)

All that preparation. All that anticipation. For naught.

This, of course, is consistent with much of a writer's life. You work hard to get ready for the big day--when you finally query an agent about your masterpiece. Your word count is adequate. The chapters are numbered and titled. Everything has been checked and rechecked. Revised again and again. You are ready...

...but, nothing happens. Disappointment reigns. All that preparation. All that anticipation. For naught.

Nevertheless, I'm optimistic that sometime this winter, snow will arrive. With a little luck, we could even have a white Christmas. Oh, all will take a lot of luck. Still, I'm confident that the shovels and the Quik-melt will be put to good use sooner or later.

Likewise, with a little luck--or a lot of it--it's still possible that my novel will find a publisher...and all that work, all that preparation will pay off, too.

Are you ready for winter? Are you prepared for Christmas? Are you ready for success?
"Always be prepared
for something amazing to happen."
~Melanie Perkins~
Have an amazing week!

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