Wednesday, December 9, 2015

it's never too early

As Christmas approaches, many of us--avid readers and writers--will wander around bookstores and scroll through Amazon searching for books to give as gifts. With luck, we will have read something that entertained us, or taught us, or amazed us, and is the perfect present for someone we know.

My problem is that I have eclectic interests in what I read that might not appeal to most people. I like to read about the interface between science and spirituality. I read a lot about the art and craft of writing, and every so often I need a good inspirational book on creativity. I enjoy memoir. I also read quite a bit about self-improvement and simply how to get through the day. Not so much mysteries or thrillers. Not sci-fi or fantasy. Not romance or history... giving books as gifts can be a problem for me. I'm not all that into best sellers.

Still, if I had to recommend a great book that offers a revolutionary perspective on our understanding of the existence and nature of God, it would be "A God That Could Be Real" by Nancy Ellen Abrams.

My first choice for creative inspiration is Elizabeth Gilbert's September release, "Big Magic-Creative Living Beyond Fear."

And, when it comes to self-improvement, I learned a lot from "Workaholics--The Respectable Addicts" by Barbara Killinger, PhD. Not exactly gift-giving material...but a real eye-opener.

If you know someone who is trying to break out of other habits and destructive patterns, Pema Chodron's "Taking the Leap--Freeing Ourselves from Old Habits and Fears" is a good place to start.

My writing books of choice this year are "Crafting the Personal Essay" by Dinty Moore, a good guide for anyone interested in writing creative non-fiction.

For anyone toying with the idea of writing memoir, my hands down favorite guide is Mary Karr's "The Art of Memoir."

Next up on my personal reading list is Elizabeth Gilbert's "The Signature of All Things"...unless, of course, someone gives me something better for Christmas!

What are you reading? What do you recommend for the rest of us? What books will you be giving this Christmas? What book would you like to receive this Christmas?

"A book is a gift
you can open again and again."
~Garrison Keillor~

It's never too early to start.

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  1. nothing like a good hold in your hand and turn the pages with anticipation.