Tuesday, May 19, 2015

what do you write?

This past week, I joined over 200 writers, agents, and editors in Pittsburgh for the 28th Annual Pennwriters Conference. This might be intimidating to those of us who are somewhat reclusive when we're at work, but in fact, this particular writing community tends to be cordial and inclusive making it easy to strike up a conversation with just about anyone.

One question is all it takes:


Science fiction, fantasy, horror, thrillers, romance, short stories, poetry, nonfiction--the list goes on. They were all well represented among this group.

When someone asks me what I write I usually respond, "You mean, what am I writing this week?" This week I'm trying to finish up a nonfiction book about spirituality. Last week I submitted a short story for publication. Next week it might be a piece of flash fiction or an essay. Three novels are collecting dust in a drawer somewhere, and I'd love to try my hand at poetry. I can't seem to stick to just one thing...and the clock is ticking. Still, I hold on to hope.

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I ask myself:

...and I remind myself:


...which is why I preach the fact that it's never too late to begin again...whether you're starting a revision, or experimenting with something new...because

What would you like to try? When will you begin?
"Do what you can,
with what you have,
where you are."
~Theodore Roosevelt~
The Pennwriters Conference was so much fun my new motto is: "Laugh and Learn." I'm still in Pittsburgh visiting the kids, but when I get home, watch out!

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