Saturday, September 5, 2015

when you just can't write and shouldn't even try

Let’s face it. Old Man Life sometimes insists we take a break whether we want to or not, whether we’re writing, composing, dancing, or drawing. Our efforts to create something new and beautiful, or meaningful, or entertaining are easily sabotaged even when we’re speeding along page after page, stroke after stroke, verse after verse. Just when the finished product is within reach we may have to set it aside and tend to the Old Man.

It might be an unexpected illness or injury that stops us in our tracks.

Anterior shoulder dislocation, compliments of my son

A flood or a tornado might sweep through.

Worse yet would be a death in the family. You can’t work and you shouldn’t even try.

Instead, give your muse some time off.  Tell her to rest. She needs to heal, too.

She’ll thank you with new insight, inspiration, and passion as soon as you’re both feeling better.

Maybe you’re planning a move, or you’re preparing for a wedding or a birth. 

Caleb as a newborn

You don’t want to miss a moment of it. There’s a lot to do, not a moment to think about the masterpiece moldering on your desk or in the studio. You may want to invite your muse along. Then, when you're ready to get back to work you can sit down together and share your memories of the event.

There are times you can’t work and you shouldn’t try…not because you’re blocked, or lazy, or distracted, but because Old Man Life has other plans for you…plans for you to gain experience, to grow in understanding, and to tackle your feelings about it. All of which will appear sometime later on, in a melody, or on the page or the canvas...whether you believe it or not.

It isn’t always how much we accomplish, but who we become that elevates our work. Playing peek-a-boo elevated my work this week:

Caleb at five months of age



I hope Old Man Life is good to you this week, and that you and your muse have a blast together!

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