Sunday, February 2, 2014

what is your story?

Do you have a story to tell?
Something bottled up inside? A story too painful for words? So sad it brings tears to your eyes?

What have you lost? Your job? Your home? Your faith?

Who do you miss? Your mother?  Your father? Your child? Your friend?

What is it that scares you? The chemo? The pain? The end?

Where are you broken?

How will you heal?

What is your story? Who will you tell?

Is it a story without words? Something stuck in your throat?

Something you can draw for us?

Watercolor by Toni Cincotta

Something you can put to music?
Paul Winter

Or tell us in dance?
    Or shout out on a  drum?

    The Kripalu drummers

    Even if your story is locked up tight, your fingers are frozen and your feet are like lead, someone may need to hear read it, or see it, or feel it as it's told, before they can tell their own. If you can't tell it, find someone who can. Remember:
This post is dedicated with deep gratitude to my  friends who, this week, agreed to share their stories with that I can share them with you. You know who you are...

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  1. Sometimes it is too painful to let the story out. I so admire those who find the courage.