Sunday, August 11, 2013

don't leave home without it

On my walk this morning I had the pleasure of meeting up with two spotted fawns in the woods along the road.

Like this...if only I'd gotten the shot.
We stared each other down for a few minutes and then they resumed grazing without any sign of alarm.

Did I have my camera with me? No. My phone? No.

I headed back to the house, optimistic that I could get back in time to get the shot. On the way, I spotted the sunlight reflecting off the most perfect spider web I have ever seen.

Like this one only better...glistening in the morning sunshine.

Did I have my camera with me? No. My phone? No.

By the time I got back, the deer had disappeared and the sun had moved a fraction of a degree so that I couldn't even find the web.

You probably know the feeling. The missed opportunity. The lost moment. The self-flagellation.

It's like the line of dialogue that comes to you the minute they get you up in stirrups...or when your mouth is full of drills and picks and tubes. It's the perfect line! Just what the story needs! You promise yourself you'll jot it down the minute you get the chance...but you don't have your notebook with you and there's not a wrinkled napkin or a scrap of paper in sight...and even if there were, you forgot to bring a pen so you can't jot it down on the back of your hand!
And by the time you find your pen or beg for a piece of paper, guess what? You've forgotten it. The perfect line...or melody, or lyric, or gone forever! The opportunity missed. The moment lost.

You already know the moral of this story. Wherever you go...whatever you do...grab your camera, or your paper and pen, or your sketch book on the way out the door.

Don't leave home without it.

"To be prepared
is half the victory."



  1. Yes, I know that feeling of frustration.

  2. Happens to me all the time even while writing my blog. The fawns we've had in our backyard are really growing and their spots are almost gone. They're still playful though.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful walk, none-the-less! :) Well ... except for the spider web.