Sunday, July 21, 2013

i'm not complaining

I'm not complaining. Even though the temps have been in the 90s with 90% humidity, even though my plants are wilting in the sun, even though I'm sitting here in a pool of sweat--I'm not complaining.

Six months ago, I complained, and look what happened. I griped about having to put on a jacket, hat, scarf, and mittens just to take the dogs out. I cursed the icy roads. I couldn't get warm. I longed for the day I could step outside in just a tee shirt and shorts, hop in the car and take off without worrying about snow, warm my bones..., I'm not complaining about the heat.

Six years ago I remember complaining because I longed to write but couldn't make time for it. I was still in medical practice and I didn't like the direction the American health care system was taking. I longed for the day when I could set my own hours, make friends with my muse, and write in blissful solitude. So I retired...and for a couple of years, I wrote my little heart out.

Then...I tried to publish what I had written. 
If medical practice with its frustrations and disappointments was winter for me...then trying to get published is like trying to survive a heat wave. I don't want to go back to winter, but summer isn't what I had hoped for, either.

When I started to write I had no MFA (nor do I now), no acquired expertise, and no prior experience. I was generally clueless about what to expect. It turned out to be harder than I imagined. Still, I wouldn't change things for the world. I can put up with a little heat if it keeps winter away.

The moral of this post is:

Be careful what you ask for...and don't complain when you get it!
It's time to turn the AC up and get back to work.
"If you don't ask...
they can't say yes."
--quoting my friend Nancy--
 ps.: During a heat wave, ice cream is your best friend.


  1. Great comparison. I actually love summer, heat, humidity and all. Though winter is sometimes beautiful, I hate the cold. I couldn't wait to retire and write full time. So far, so good.
    And I think I'll have ice cream for dinner.

    1. I'm so glad you're writing full time now. For me, it's the perfect life no matter what the weather.

  2. Ice cream is ALWAYS the best friend. :)