Saturday, July 13, 2013

a perfect week for writing

My definition of a perfect week:
  • An empty schedule
  • A daily work-out or long walk
  • Nothing else to do but write
My coming week:
  • A meeting to prepare for an up-coming spiritual retreat
  • A road trip to Pittsburgh where my son is recuperating from a bad mountain biking accident:
  • A meeting to prepare for an up-coming medical mission in Africa

    Sue RumbaughInstructor Bio: Sue Rumbaugh is an Associate Professor at Carlow University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania where she teaches creative writing. Prior, she spent two decades writing for newspapers and the nonprofit sector. Today, in addition to her book-length memoir in progress, she writes short stories and personal essays. Sue's work has appeared in newspapers, literary journals, Western Washington State Reflections, Western Pennsylvania Reflections (History Press), and Travel Writing Handbook (Leromi Publishing ), as well as Story Circle Network's True Words anthology. She has presented to audiences in Pittsburgh and Carlow, Ireland.

  • Nothing else to do but write! 
Oh well, there's always next week, right?

 What's your ideal writing week like? Has it ever really happened?


  1. I always have so many chores calling to me around the house especially this time of year. Hope your son gets better.

  2. Thanks. Susan. It's just a matter of time...lots of time!