Sunday, December 4, 2011

mystery and magic

In my last post I threatened to subject you to a discourse on the molecular basis of creativity and imagination because, frankly, it mystifies and intrigues does everything about the human body--from the molecular and cellular levels to the complexity and integrity of the organ systems. The heart. The lungs. The endocrine and reproductive systems--one more inscrutable than the next. But, oh my...the brain!!

The seat of learning and memory. The wellspring of thought and font of emotion. The repository of imagination and creativity! Ah, the coordination and cooperation of cells, chemicals, and electrical connections that define "life!" If it interests you, check out "The Wisdom of the Body" by Sherwin B. Nuland.

In it you will learn to embrace a deep reverence for your own awesome self!

We are such unfathomable beings! Which is why, rather than labor to understand the turnings of the mind, we tend to personify it. I've spoken before about "the boys in the basement" and my muse--characters who inspire me, motivate me, and deliver missing dialogue, fresh scenes, and engaging characters when and where I least expect the shower, walking the dogs, driving to the store. And then there is the Inner Critic who, in a heartbeat, dashes all optimism, all hope.

In "The War of Art", Steven Pressfield asks, "What force is yanking at our sleeves?" when something emerges in our minds without any exertion or conscious thought on our part.

Whose voice is it?" he asks. God's? An Angel's? Our muse? Fairies? Elves?  Whether you believe that the "boys in the basement" are at work or you believe that the mind of God is at clearly believe in the verisimilitude of another realm. And that opens a portal to unending possibility!

For most of us this realm of kindred spirits is alot more inviting than the neurophysiology lab. But however it happens, whatever the explanation, the forces behind creativity and imagination are at the same time both mysterious and magical.

Do you prefer the science or the spirit of artistic creativity?
"The universe is made of stories,
not atoms."
--Muriel Rukeyser--
It looks like winter. It feels like winter. Where's the SNOW??


  1. Interesting . . . I don't normally think of the science behind creativity, but I don't know if I prefer one over the other. Our brains are fascinating . .

  2. Even though I am flabberghasted by the science of it...I think the spirit thing is more fun! Thanks for visiting.

  3. I like science. :) I also like magic. Together, they're quite amazing.

  4. I am fascinated by it all, as well. No matter how scientifically you explain it (and that part definitely fascinates me just as much), there is always the question of the spark and the brain. What makes it all work? Sure, I get the dynamics of it, but HOW?

    Shannon at The Warrior Muse gearing up for the upcoming 2012 A to Z Challenge!

  5. I am fascinated by the science but I like having magic in my stories.