Monday, May 9, 2016

change is good

"Change is good." How many times have I invoked that weary platitude in defense of starting a new project--redecorating a room or sprucing up the yard, trying a new diet, or even starting a new story.

The problem is that I would rather redecorate a room than clean it. A total makeover is so much more fun to think about than scrubbing down the walls or shampooing the carpet, and then tossing a couple of new cushions onto the couch.

I'd rather put in new landscaping and plant fresh flowers than face the drudgery of edging and weeding the beds I already have.

And how many times have I made up my mind to go vegetarian, or vegan, or Mediterranean rather than simply cutting down on the fat, salt and sugar in my diet like I know I should.

There is something irresistible about starting anew, the promise that you can make it bigger, brighter, or better this time around. Imagine what you could do with a truckload of new furniture, or a gourmet kitchen, or a updated wardrobe! Oh, the anticipation, the execution, the endless possibilities!

It's like starting a new book. You're full of sure that this one will be better than the rest! Every day you're eager to get back to work on it...

...when you really should be plowing through tedious revisions on the piece you've simply grown tired of.


Spring is a time for change, whether you're working in the yard, giving the house a good cleaning, or starting a new story.

Sometimes all it takes is a little dusting and polishing, or a little hoeing and raking to spruce things up. Just a few minor revisions can make all the difference.

Then again, sometimes it pays to stick with what you already have and make it the best it can be. 



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