Sunday, April 10, 2016

success is like a snowy day in April

A couple of weeks ago the thermometer hit 75 degrees. To celebrate the arrival of spring, the optimists among us dusted off our patio furniture and arranged it on the deck. We put our winter coats and woolen sweaters into storage. Some of us ran to the garden center to pick up some early bloomers.

Today we got snow.

Just when spring felt like a sure thing, it slipped away.

Success can sometimes feel the same way. You spend months at your desk, laboring over a manuscript, or a poem, or an essay. You plant yourself in your seat and write even though you'd rather be outdoors, or shopping, or visiting friends. You trudge through bouts of writers' block. You start to wonder if it's worth the effort. You just want it to be finished.

Then, one day you get that letter in the mail. You have a publisher! Your poem has won a prize! Your story is going to appear in print!

You celebrate the achievement as if you have uncovered the secret of success. As if it will be clear sailing for you from now on. As if nothing can stop you now...

...until the first rejection letter arrives. It feels a lot like a cold, snowy day in April.

Nevertheless it is inevitable that, sooner or later, spring will arrive. Which is why you must always:

Sooner or later, it will arrive.

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