Sunday, April 24, 2016

meet buttercup

Meet Buttercup:

I'll be walking her for the Central PA Animal Alliance until they can find a foster home, or better yet, a forever home for her.

A woman in North Carolina came across her during the winter, out in the cold, trying to keep her litter of newborn puppies warm. They'd all died.

So, to make a terrible situation worse...Buttercup ended up in a "kill" shelter. Thankfully CPAA rescued her. She is now living at Farm-View Kennels, about 20 minutes from where I live. They've been looking for volunteers to walk her. 

If you know me, you know I love dogs and I love to walk so, hey--it was meant to be!

I met Buttercup last week and I walked her on Saturday. She's such a sweetie. She was a little excitable when I first got there, but once we took off, she did fine. There are acres of pastureland around the kennel, so we had a good long walk--lots to sniff (she snorts like a pig when she finds something interesting to explore) and lots to see now that the birds and groundhogs are out.

Certain individuals, who will remain anonymous, are convinced I'll end up adopting her...but I'm holding out. Stoically.

You can find out more about Buttercup and her friends at Also, check out . 



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  2. that's awesome! I'm still waiting for clearance to help with the HOPE dog program.