Sunday, October 4, 2015

how to write like a horse

This past week a lone horse in a pasture captured my attention. I spotted him running full speed ahead from one end of his football field-sized enclosure to the other--back and forth, back and forth. No one was chasing him. No one was cheering him on. He seemed to be galloping along for the pure joy of it. To feel the wind in his mane. To stretch his legs.

Image result for horse running in a field
When he'd had enough, he simply stopped and rested.

Bay Horse Grazing

This, I believe, is how we should write: for the joy of it. Letting loose on the page. Stretching our imaginations. Letting our spirits soar without anyone questioning our motives. Writing what we can simply because we can. Without prodding. Without apology. Without  restraint.

And, we should feel free to stop and rest when our joy is satisfied and our energy is spent, knowing that we can take off again anytime.

Go ahead. Write like a horse!


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