Sunday, July 12, 2015

the cure for sagging spirits

I did it. I admit it. It was impulsive, and self-indulgent, and expensive, but I registered for yet another writing conference. This one has nothing to do with the techniques of good writing, or how to build your platform, or how to get published. This is one of those inclusive, feel good, empowering workshops that is intended to bolster sagging spirits, and re-animate creative energy among a small group of like-minded souls.

Did I say sagging spirits?

I think I did. It happens to all of us from time to time. It’s the price we pay for loving others, for caring about them, and for dreaming about an uncertain future. It’s the burden of disappointment, frustration, and rejection that drags us down. Sometimes we just need a little “pick-me-up,” or a little something to “settle-me-down.” Or both.  Something to motivate or inspire us. Affirmation. Acceptance. Encouragement.

I have attended a number of excellent motivational and inspirational workshops since I started writing. “The Artist’s Way” with Julia Cameron was my favorite...

 but I also enjoyed “Do You Wish You Could Write?” with Lynda Barry... well as “What Is This, A Spiritual Quest?” with Sue Rumbaugh, and “Mindful Writing,” with Madhu Wangu, Ph.D. I came away from these sessions  ready to “begin again,” impatient with new ideas.

But it has been a while since I indulged myself this way. I haven’t felt the need to be encouraged or energized. That’s how feel every time I sit down to work. I can’t wait to get started in the morning, and I tend to have two or three projects in mind at all times. Writing is the easy part. But life itself?  Sometimes not so much.

So, I’m going off to my favorite place, Omega Institute (

...for five days in mid-October just about the time Mother Nature drapes herself in glorious shades of red and gold. The retreat is titled "Writing from the Heart,"

 and it will be led by Nancy Slonim Aronie, author of the book by the same name.

I’m going for no better reason than to humor myself, to restore what is depleted, and to gather courage for the journey.

What do you do to revive your sinking spirits? What are you waiting for?
“Good writing is not about good grammar.
Good writing is about Truth.”
~Nancy Slonim Aronie~
Last week I was grandson sitting...


...this week I'm grand-dog sitting:

although I'm not sure the word "sitting" actually applies here...

Have a great week!

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