Saturday, July 25, 2015

literary whiplash

I’m closing in on the final draft of my first official non-fiction book proposal and I have a bad case of literary whiplash. What sounded good to me yesterday sounds awful today. What held me back before actually does the trick now. Back and forth. Up and down. 'Round and 'round I go.

So…this is the overview of my book, Ten Faces of Faith—The Extraordinary Faith of Ordinary People and What We Can Learn from Them:

“Ten Faces of Faith introduces the reader to ten men and women who have endured some of life’s darkest moments—a child’s death, a life-threatening diagnosis, and a tragic accident, among others. Yet, despite all these people have been through, they continue to defend their faith in God’s all-powerful goodness and mercy. They don’t blame Him for their bad luck. They don’t feel as though He has abandoned or betrayed them. Instead, their stories help us reconcile the contradictions between what we have been taught to believe about a kind and compassionate God with the defeats we experience in our own lives.

This book does not attempt to interpret scripture, nor does it rely on scientific theories that argue for or against the existence of God. Instead, the stories in Ten Faces of Faith suggest that we may fail to recognize the hand of God at work in our lives because we may be looking for the wrong thing. 

Ten Faces of Faith explores the extraordinary faith of ordinary people, and how the pain they experienced opened their eyes to God’s presence in their lives.”

If you were an agent who handled Christian non-fiction would you bite? Your comments are welcome.



  1. Jan, I think this is an excellent book proposal. The book sounds much more substantive than a lot of works I've seen marketed by Christian publishing houses. I particularly like your description of the subjects' stories as suggesting "that we may fail to recognize the hand of God at work in our lives because we may be looking for the wrong thing." It makes me want to read the book to find out what I should be looking for. I also like your description of the book's focus on "the extraordinary faith of ordinary people." We know how powerful that kind of witness can be, while at the same time relatable to everyone. Prayers that some smart editor will recognize the wisdom in this book and snap it up!

    1. WOW! Brenda Wilt! Nice to hear from you, stranger...and thanks for the encouragement.