Sunday, July 27, 2014

so much few words

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Jonathan Maberry at a writing conference.

Early one morning as I shuffled through the hotel lobby in search of coffee I spotted him in a corner, already hard at work, his fingers flying across the keyboard. I overheard him tell someone he had a Monday morning deadline to make, and he had to get forty thousand words written by the end of the addition to giving the keynote address, teaching a workshop, and mentoring eager wannabes at the conference. He'd been up most of the night.

I have to confess--I almost never stay up all night writing. Oh, all right, I never stay up to write through the night. The last time I was up all night I was in labor and it wasn't because the deadline had passed.

But, really--forty thousand words in three days? All Jonathan is an exceptionally energetic and prolific writer. Me? Not so much.

I don't know how a person (me) can work so long and so hard on a manuscript, and after six months, have so little to show for it--fewer than 30,000 words. I tell myself that it's okay because the topic is difficult, and some of what I have written is painful, but the fact remains that I am a slow writer.

Therefore, I sometimes need to be reminded that:

Okay, I feel better now. You?
"You cannot force ideas.
Successful ideas are the result of
slow growth."
~~Alexander Graham Bell~~
I'm off to the Greater Philadelphia Christian Writers Conference this week. Pray for me...haha!


  1. Enjoy your conference. I can't imagine writing 40K in a weekend.

  2. Thanks Susan. Jonathan is energy personified.

  3. {Kathy Helgemo} The thought of writing that much in a weekend makes my eyes twitch. 1000-1500 words a day is a great goal for me. Whether it's blogging or something else, some sort of switch goes off in my brain when it's time to stop.Well, like right now, actually.