Thursday, December 5, 2013

you simply must begin

This is the challenge going around on Facebook this week:
List fifteen books that changed your
I wish it had asked for fifteen authors who changed my life/soul/heart because when I read a book that has a profound influence on me, I want to know everything about the author. Mostly, though, I want to know how they learned to write something so powerful, or so true, or so heart-breaking, or so funny. I want to know if I can do it, too.
This challenged me to think about fifteen books I would like to write:
  1. A scathing critique of the American medical system--the corporate greed, the loss of physician autonomy/authority, the wiles of the pharmaceutical industry...don't get me started.
  2. A reflection on faith titled, "Beyond Belief." This will probably be my next project.
  3. A memoir of the childhood illness my brother and I shared...that led me into the study of medicine, but propelled my brother into a lifelong quest for healing, titled "The Telling Time."
  4. An inspirational book based on this blog--the idea that it's never too late to "begin again."
  5. A reflection on the lighter side of medicine...the incidents that made it all bearable.
  6. A piece about the "joys of country living."
  7. A Christmas tale, something to do with a mean old man and the furry creatures who soften his heart, as furry creatures are wont to do...
  8. A book of my short stories.
  9. A book of essays on the practice of medicine.
  10. A book of poetry.
  11. A study of patients I have known and what I have learned from them.
  12.  A book for misfits, like myself.
And, the three novels that are collecting dust on my desk and need revision:
  1. "The Bandaged Place" about a physician who is the target of medical fraud by trusted colleague.
  2. "Torched" about a physician who weeds out a sex tourism operation at a safari resort in Africa.
  3. My NaNoWriMo project, "Touchpoints" about an international abduction and a mother's quest to save her daughter.
Do you have a book simmering inside that need to be written?

A picture that needs to be painted? A song you need to sing?
Then you simply must...
"The scariest moment is always
just before you start."
--Stephen King--
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What could be easier?


  1. Just sounds so simple.

  2. I just started this book and your message is so encouraging...THANKS for the words of encouragement!!! <3

    1. Good luck with your book! The hardest part is done.