Sunday, March 31, 2013

signs of spring

Today is a cold, gloomy Easter Day in south central Pennsylvania, not conducive to Easter egg hunts or frilly spring dresses...unlike yesterday which swept in like a breath of spring, sunny and warm. It was perfect for a nice long walk around the block. This is to reassure you that better days are on the way. The earliest signs of spring are popping up everywhere...literally.

The first dandelion of the season:

"When the crop grew and bore fruit,
the weeds appeared as well."
Matthew 13: 26

The tiniest woodland flowers:
"Learn from the way the wild flowers grow."
 Matthew 6: 28
New growth everywhere:
"When you send forth your breath, they are created,
and you renew the face of the earth."
Ps. 104: 30

A babbling brook:
"You made springs flow into channels
that wind among the mountains."
 Ps. 104: 10

Leaves unfolding:
"I bud forth delights like the vine,
my blossoms become fruit fair and rich."
Sirach 25: 17
And freedom, at last, for the horses across the way:
"You raise grass for the cattle
and plants for our beasts of burden."
Ps. 104: 14
All of it fresh and eager and expectant. Except, of course, for this:
"Because of this the earth shall mourn."
Jeremiah 4: 28
Just sayin'...
Wishing you a happy and hopeful Easter!


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  1. Lovely, Janet. And sad... my husband and I were driving home from church talking about all the litter everywhere. "How can there possibly be this many people who think it's okay to just toss bottles, cans and Happy Meals out of the car windows? How is that possible?" Thank you for pointing it out here on a day that is meant to be beautiful... but for our disregard for creation.