Sunday, August 26, 2012

take a bow

Are you in the process of writing a poem or story or novel? Is there an unfinished canvas on your easel? Have you come up with a tune you just can't get of your head? Do you dance or sculpt or doodle just for the pleasure of it? Then you deserve some recognition.

If you were among those who raised their hands while reading last week's post--and even if you weren't--this week is your chance to stand up and take a bow.


--Take a bow if you manage to carve out time in your busy day to indulge your inner artist.

--Take a bow if you hold down a job that pays and you still make time to write, or paint, or compose, or practice.

--If you gave up your day job on the advice of your muse, bow to her.

--If you keep house or have a family or do the yard work, and you still insist on making time to write, or draw, or sing, or dance...take an even deeper bow.

--If people you know regard you as selfish, or lazy, or irresponsible because you decided to follow your dream, smile at them...and take your bow.

--If you have been known to set a manuscript, or a sketch, or a song aside because you thought it wasn't "good enough" (even though it was the best you could do) and then, sometime later on, you went back to it and made it deserve to take a bow.

--If you have ever sworn you were quitting...that you were a failure...that there was no hope for you...but found yourself back at your laptop, or canvas, or keyboard the very next is the time for you to take a bow.

--Even if you haven't been published, or been featured by a gallery, or found your way onto the stage, as long as you keep should take a bow.

--If you encourage others to follow their dream...if you support their efforts...if you attend a book signing, or you're in the audience on opening night, or you join their gallery walk...take a well-earned bow...

...because you deserve a round of applause!

If you love what you're doing and wouldn't have it any other way, you deserve a standing ovation...

...because you are an inspiration to all of us!
"Always wish that you may find
patience enough in yourself to endure,
and simplicity enough to believe;
that you may acquire more and more confidence
in that which is difficult
in your solitude among others.
--Rainer Maria Rilke--

Who inspires you? Who encourages you? Who supports your artistic dream?


  1. You really should be an inspirational speaker. You say things so wonderfully. I always feel like getting back to work after I read your posts.

  2. Thanks, Susan. That means a lot to me.

  3. Well said. YOU certainly need to take a bow. Since you retired, aren't you kinda creating an whole new life for yourself? Bravo!

  4. Thanks Susan! Retirement has definitely opened up some great possibilities and opportunities for me, thank you very much!