Sunday, May 6, 2012

a font of time and energy

I set a number of goals for myself today. I intended to finish edging and weeding the flower beds. I meant to pick up a couple of plants to fill in the empty spaces.

I hoped to finish spreading tan bark. To catch up on laundry. To run a few errands. To get some writing done.

So, even though it was a gloomy, damp day, I dragged myself outside. I weeded and edged for a while...but I didn't finish the job. Never got around to putting down the tanbark. Ran one errand that didn't involve picking out flowers. Never did get to back to my WIP.

First, I ran out of energy, something that is getting to be more and more of an issue as I get older.

Then the phone rang. Again. And again.
This week, my daughter announced her engagement (woo-woo!) and already we are deep in discussion about venues and flowers and music and gowns so I expected her to call. Then my sister-in-law called to say that my niece had gone into premature labor overnight and, thankfully, delivered a healthy baby girl. Then I received a call about leading a women's spiritual retreat in small task.

Needless to say, I somehow ran out of time today. With nothing much to show for it.

There should be a diagnosis code for Obsessive/Attention Deficit Disorder--when the only thing you can think about is getting back to writing...but there are so many distractions, you can't concentrate long enough to get anything down. There should be a code for Writing Withdrawal Syndrome--

--when you get restless and irritable and impatient because you want to be need to be writing...but you just can't get to it. There should be an eternal font of energy and time that we can dip into on days like today.

Do you sometimes run out of time and energy for writing? Do you ever get caught up?
"I expect the gift
of good and industrious hours."
--Rainer Maria Rilke--
God knows what I'll come up with next week...given sufficient time and energy.

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  1. I had great intentions first thing in the morning but one step outside and all that melted away.