Thursday, April 26, 2012

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions last January 1st, I decided to engage in wishful thinking.

This effectively places the responsibility for success or failure in someone else’s hands. Above all, I WISH my novel would publish to rave reviews. I WISH that one of my essays or stories would win recognition. I WISH that the structure for my next book would fall into place for me.
This has a more optimistic ring to it than forging resolutions which smacks of self-discipline, grim determination, and then bitter self-reproach when you mess up. For example, I could have promised to journal first thing every day this year…but what if I have to wander outside because the sunrise is too heart-achingly beautiful to miss? What then?

I could have resolved to write one thousand words every day…but what if my dog wants to take a walk at the lake? How can I say no to her?

Resolutions are sometimes simply destined to fail.

Optimism, on the other hand, is an empowering force and hope is a saving grace. There is no limit to what you can WISH for. Just a couple of days ago parts of Pennsylvania received over a foot of April! So I WISHED for sunshine and warmer weather...and yesterday the thermometer hit 70 under a clear blue sky. See? It works!

And (ta-da!) my short story, "On a Different Note" was published this month in The Storyteller Magazine--my first publishing credit.

Try it. It might just work for you, too.

What are you WISHFULLY thinking about?
“Anything is possible if you WISH hard enough.”
--Peter Pan--
c/o Sir James Matthew Barrie
In my next post we'll try to figure out what exactly the X-FACTOR is.


  1. Love it! Having a backbone might be more productive, but having a wishbone is ever so much more fun. I'm a firm believer in optimism and positive thinking. Even if all those wishes don't come true, it sure beats going around with a long face and grumpy disposition. Congrats on getting that first byline!

  2. Congratulations.

  3. Jan
    love your view on life
    I'm a dreamer so not hard to tell a dreamer to wish on a star or in my case a moon
    so delightful to meet you and hugs for that story being published!!!!
    Moondustwriter's Blog

  4. Congratulations on getting published. Maybe I'll try some wishfull thinking, too.

  5. Congratulations, Jan!!! WONDERFUL news!

  6. congratulations on the publishing credit. Love your post especially since I know lots of hard work and determination earned you that pub credit.

  7. Thanks, Everyone! And thanks for stopping by my blog. In this business I think you need all the (blind) optimism you can summon up. And then...enjoy the ride.

  8. I've stopped making resolutions---I just go ahead and do things!