Sunday, April 15, 2012

matters of great importance

Because today is Sunday, a day off from A to Z blogging, I thought I would catch up on a few matters of great importance.

First, a note of thanks to my new followers.

I'm almost up to one hundred, nothing to brag about by most standards, but it's a start and your support is greatly appreciated.

Second, my laptop is in for repairs (at least I hope it can be repaired).

This has to do with a mug of tea and a well-timed elbow nudge from guess who. Somebody really should figure out how to water-proof these new-fangled contraptions as much as they cost! I just saw a trip to Dallas for a writing conference go up in sparks :( .

Anyway, I am now working from my netbook which is just too S-L-O-W for words...
 ...making my frustration level S-O-A-R...and it looks like it will be this way for the next couple of weeks. UGH!

On a brighter note, several times this week I was stopped on the street by people who are simply casual acquaintances of mine. I mean, we're not even facebook I was pleasantly surprised when they commented on my blog. I never would have guessed that they knew about it, much less read it regularly...much less enjoyed it, if they hadn't said something. Which brings me to this:

I would love to hear from you if you are reading "begin...begin again" or "Cherished Illusions" at , the blog I have dedicated to my recent trip to Africa. You can follow me and receive email updates just by clicking on the appropriate icons when you sign-in the next time.

And...I have to tell you that as a blogger, I love to get feedback on what I've written.

That's what the comment field is for. I'd love to hear from you...especially if you have corrections or suggestions to make, if there is a topic you'd like to hear about, or if you think I could be doing better job of it. I'm all about doing a better job...

The point is that writing, for the most part, is a solitary pastime so being part of the on-line community is a tremendous advantage to writers. The potential for connections is limitless. So never hesitate to add a comment when it occurs to you. I'll do my best to get back to you in response.

Tomorrow on "begin...begin again" I'll tell you what it feels like to go around "Naked". Today, I plan to work on a summary post for "Cherished Illusions"...

...distilling my thoughts and feelings about the experience including some of the misconceptions I lugged all the way to Tanzania with me, and where they went from there.

Again, thanks for stopping by. Your feedback is welcome.
"If we were meant to talk more than listen,
we would have two mouths and one ear."
--Mark Twain--
Have a great day!


  1. Congrats on increasing your followers....

  2. I'm impressed you didn't take a day off from blogging. Looking forward to your wrap up post.

  3. Well, Jan, I've put you over the top. :)


  4. Delores and Susan--Thanks for following. Suggestions??

    Teresa--YAY! Thanks!