Wednesday, June 29, 2011

"why i write" blogfest

Today is “Why I Write” blog day with Kayeleen at Kayeleen's Creation Corner Harking back to the post I just wrote, I blame my muse. I write because she has some serious oppositional-defiant tendencies...and, I discovered, she is in cahoots with the “boys in the basement”--something I never expected of her.

This week is a perfect example. I’m busy preparing a talk for a retreat next week, I’m working on a submission for my critique group, and I just learned that, in two weeks, I’ll be leaving for Spur Tree, Jamaica where I’ll spend a week working at Our Lady of Hope Children’s Home (proof that prayers are sometimes answered)…meaning that I have a lot to get ready. So I decided to ask for a day off. One day! And do you know what she told me?

“…not happening.”

And then, to prove her point, she marched me into the kitchen, sat me down, and proceeded to spell out the first 5,000 words of a story I’ve been wanting to tell for over ten years.

Somehow this doesn’t seem fair to me. I mean, my muse can take off for weeks at a time. She can disappear just when I need her most, leaving me to struggle on my own…but she won’t give me a single day off when I really need it. Then, when I have other things on my mind, she’s back…serving up inspiration like manna in the desert. What’s a writer to do?

Not only that, but “the boys” got in on the act this week,too. They sent up some pretty decent dialogue…so I know they’re also in on this. I’ll have to remember to send down some nachos and wings with the next six-pack.

My muse’s motto is, “Sit. Stay. Write. Come hell or high water." We don’t always see eye to eye on this issue, but I know she has my best interests in mind because she was looking pretty smug about herself when my critique group greeted this week’s work with unequivocal praise.

I wonder when she'll be back...and what she’ll come up with next.


  1. It's nice to have a muse who will kick you in the butt and make you write!

    Thanks for joining in the blogfest today!

  2. Wow, you have a lot going on Jan. I love when those days come - where it just pours out. I call those 'the groove'. Wish they'd come around more often.

  3. Entertaining muse you got there. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I love the way you portray your muse. Frustrating how they can hit us up just when we don't have time to deal with our WIP.

    So glad I e-met you today when somehow I missed crossing paths with you during the A-Z! Writing in Flow

  5. Haha! Your muse and my muse must be related or something. :)

  6. Your muse has a great motto. If only she weren't so fickle!

  7. Glad you got a good write in spite of yourself!


  8. Thanks to everyone for your comments. I've enjoyed the thoughts you shared on your sites, as well.

  9. Muses are such high maintenance! :-)

  10. At least your muse keeps you on your toes when she's around !
    Great post ! I love your brand of humour ~ had me smiling all the way through ...


  11. Sheesh, I wish my muse would be a little more feisty like that. Mine has always been shy, but it does have a tendency to show up when I have no pen or paper!

    Love this!

  12. Thanks, mish. She's smiling now!

    Liesl, really! No pen or paper?? I carry at least ten pens with me at all times...and parts of my novel are recorded on napkins, cash register receipts, and the back of my hand!

  13. I'm glad your muse keeps you in line! A day off? That's crazy talk. ;P

    It's so true that when the inspiration hits, you just have to go with it.

    Best of luck on your travels...I enjoyed reading your entry and am a new follower!

  14. Thanks, Kristi. Welcome on board. You'll have to patient with me until I can get back to my laptop!