Monday, April 18, 2011

O is for Ovation

I believe that we all deserve a standing ovation. Not just the call for an encore, but resounding applause and deafening cheers for all we do and all we contend with just to get through the day.

Of course, for some of us this is harder than for others. You definitely deserve a warm ovation if you start every day with a child who has a disability—physical, intellectual, or emotional—or with a child who is ill or in trouble. If your spouse is abusive or addicted. If you face every day with your own illness or pain and you do as much as you can. In fact, you’ve earned an ovation just for trying.
We need to cheer on those who live in poverty, people who are hungry or cold or lonely, and we should applaud those who serve them. The caretakers and relief workers and volunteers and providers should all stand up and take a bow. We should clap our hands for the people who grow and prepare our food, for the ones who collect our garbage and clean our offices, for those who teach our children, for the ones who protect our country.
I believe that we are all entitled to an ovation whether we bear our own suffering with courage or reach out to help others bear theirs.
Take a bow…
…this ovation is for you.
Who have you cheered for today?

“My life is a stage, and as my life goes on
I will continue acting and the day I die
 I will bow and wait for my standing ovation.”
--Christine Juantia--


  1. What a wise and lovely post. I'll make a point to cheer for more people more often.

    I'm here via A to Z. Good luck with the rest of the challenge!

  2. Thank you. Both for the ovation and for the reminder to pass it on.

  3. Deep bow to you, Jan, for beginning again! You are an inspiration. I will pass on the ovation today because of you!!!