Thursday, April 7, 2011

F is for Fences

There is no fence around my yard. In fact, you can’t even see another house from where I live, high on a hilltop surrounded by woodland and meadow. So I can wander off without worrying about shutting a gate behind me…and visitors can come and go without a key. It doesn’t worry me to know that wildlife is nearby…fox and skunks and deer. Nor do I fret about strangers stopping by. In fact, I would never want to have a yard with a fence around it but you might disagree.

You might think it’s dangerous without a fence. Or you might need a fence to proclaim the right to your property.

Or you might erect a wall so people can't see in...but then, you can't see out and who knows what you might  miss.

Some people like a fence that is decorative...

but I prefer no fence at all. The one around my heart is fence enough for me.

What kind of fences do you depend on?

“Don't ever take a fence down until you know why it was put up."
--Robert Frost--


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  2. The house I live in is fenced in twice due to a *ahem* feud between the previous owner and his neighbor.

    The court ordered it. ^_^

    Robert Frost was a wise man.

  3. We live on a busy road and so a fenced back yard is a must for kids and dogs. But the front yard has only a fence of trees and shrubs. The forsythia is blooming now.

  4. I'm also fortunate to live on a property without a fence. The houses around us are spread out, though we can see some of them. But the distance is great enough that there's plenty of privacy. I actually like that the yard is open, with only forest lining on 3 sides. But you know, where you live sounds even better to me! :)

  5. We have a fenced in back yard for our dogs and we own the lot next to our home as well so we keep that open. The best of both worlds, I guess :)

  6. I usually prefer the walls I've put up around myself as opposed to fences. Walls just have more endurance than a fence.

  7. Unfortunately the neighbors behind us have a bunch of junk in their yard that I had to look at out my living room doors - I'd rather see my fence! Following on Friday from the A-Z Challenge :-)