Wednesday, February 2, 2011

the muse drops dead

Storm of the century or not…I made it to the bookstore today where I bought six new books. Oh, such self- indulgence! I pulled book after book off the shelf, paged through each one sufficiently to note the format and font, the content in general, the author, and yes, the publisher (I love both of you, whoever you are). I checked them out at savings of 50% made possible by my membership discount and a leftover gift card from someone who obviously loves me. And I made friends with them over a cup of sweet and spicy chai while listening to some really smooth jazz before I tackled the drive home.

Buying a book is like buying a sweater. You have to touch it, to feel it…to check it for softness and warmth. Breathe it in. Try it on. To me, buying a book this way is like wrapping yourself in cashmere. Downloading it onto a Kindle is like settling for sack cloth.

Remember…every time you visit a bookstore and select a book that looks good and feels right but you turn around and download it onto an electronic device, a muse somewhere falls down dead. I don’t know what I’d do without mine. I depend on her for inspiration, motivation, and consolation. So be careful, OK?

We thank you.


  1. There is something special about being in the bookstore and browsing. I'm going to do some serious looking this weekend.

  2. Settling for a Kindle over a book to me is like preferring to live in a sterile, steel house with too many windows and a rock garden rather than being surrounded by warm colors, wooden features and a perennial garden. Add a wood burning fire place, a blanket, a book and a cup of hot tea, and you have paradise.

    The kindle has its place, and these days some books can only be read through the kindle and its kin, but it will never replace the book.