Monday, September 13, 2010

on a good day...

On a good day, you can write forever!

All week long, I’ve been trying to recall the days before I took on the care of this new puppy…what those peaceful, cloistered days of writing were like. Somewhere in the distant past, I remember awakening before sun-up, putting the coffee on, walking our pokey old dog (Macey is twelve now), journaling, and then disappearing into my head somewhere for hours on end.

On good days, I would awaken inspired, optimistic, hopeful…bursting with ideas, eager to begin, ready for the challenge. Words would flow. Time would fly. When I came up for breath I would take a walk or go to the gym or pick up a yoga class and then return to the page refreshed and energized. My mantra was, “I can do this…I can make this better,” and I did…on good days.

On bad days, I would romance the “delete” key. Words would fly off the page as quickly as they appeared. Time would limp along. At the end of the day I would have nothing to show for my efforts. It was no wonder—instead of taking time out to stretch and play, I would waste time cleaning house or paying bills or otherwise stifling the muse.

Now, my days are measured by the number of times I have to let the dog out…let the dog in…let the dog out…let the dog in. My attention is riveted on what kind of foreign objects I have to retrieve from her mouth. On “bad dog” days this has included a basket of potpourri, a set of coasters, my husband’s sandals, the TV remote, countless acorns and a pile of magazines…not to mention that she likes to gnaw on the coffee table and dining room chairs…even though she has a boatload of expensive toys to keep her amused!

On “good dog” days, I enjoy the company of an affectionate, doting companion who, like me, is trying to do better every day. Together we are learning how to “sit” and “stay”…which is vital for human beings who are writing or painting or composing…and for dogs who are trying to nudge their way into a new family…into someone’s heart.
Who or what is nudging you?

“Be a good animal, true to your instincts.”
--D. H. Lawrence--
In my next post I’ll talk about overcoming distractions when we’re busy at play.

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