Friday, May 8, 2015

the happiest day of the year, or the saddest
A couple of years ago, childless friend of mine stopped me after Mass on Mother's Day. She confided to me about how sad she was because she couldn't stand up in church to receive the special Mother's Day blessing.

So...this post is for her, and for YOU...if you are a mother, will be a mother, or hope to become a mother some day.

This is also for you if you have been unable to become a mother, or if you have decided that motherhood is not right for you.

This is for you is you have lost a child through illness or injury, in military service...or, God forbid, through suicide.

If you are a mother who has been entrusted with the care of a child with special needs, this is for you.

If you have suffered a miscarriage...or opted for an abortion...this is for you, too.

If you are estranged from your children...if you wish you had done better...if your maternal heart is broken, this is definitely for you.

If you are trying to do it alone, this is for you.

This is for all the meals you prepared, all the laundry you washed, all the miles you drove, all the sleep you lost.

If you are a woman, this post is for the comfort, encouragement, patience, kindness, and love you have shown for any child, anywhere, ever...

It's for the frustration, worry, sorrow, anger, and sacrifice you have borne just for trying.

...because Mother's Day may be the happiest day of the year for you...or the saddest.
This year I get to celebrate her FIRST Mother's Day with my daughter and the man who made it possible:

Happy First Mother's Day Andrea and John!


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  1. Yeah I also thought of how sad mother's day must be for the mothers who lost children and the women who wanted children but couldn't have them.